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Hajj & Umrah

Hajj & Umrah


Hajj & Umrah

Hajj means to visit the sacred house of Allah in Makkah during the days of Hajj; (i.e. 8, 9, 10, 11 and l2th of Zil Hijjah). This is the fifth of the religious duties of a Muslim.

Pilgrimage to the house of Allah is a bounded duty unto mankind for him who has the means to find the way thereunto, and whosoever disbelieves, then verily Allah is free and Independent from the entire universe. (Qur'aan; Surah Aale Imraan, verse 97)

Rasulullah (SAW) is reported to have mentioned:

Hajj & Umrah
  • "Verily Allah has declared Hajj Farz upon you, therefore perform Hajj."
  • "Hasten in performing Hajj, for verily one never knows what will befall him."
  • "One who dies white on his journey for Hajj, Allah will record the reward of Hajj for him upto the day of Qiyamah, and one who dies while on his journey for Umrah Allah will record the reward of Umrah for him upto the day of Qiyamah."
  • "For an accepted Hajj, there is no reward besides Jannah (Paradise)."
  • "One who possesses wealth and has all the means by which he could reach the Sacred House of Allah (the Ka'bah) and yet does not perform Hajj, he then may either die as a Nasraani (Christian) or a Majoos (fire-worshipper)."


Hajj & Umrah

There are three types of hajj:

  • QlRAAN: To perform Umrah first in the month: of Hajj, (Shawwaal, Zil Qa'dah and the first days of Zil Hijjah) and thereafter to perform Hajj with one Ihraam, i.e. one will remain in the Haram of Makkah (varying from 5 to 14.5 km in various directions) in the state of Ihraam from the moment the Meeqaat is entered until the Ihraam is released on the 1Oth Zil Hijjah.
  • TAMATTU: To perform Umrah during the month of Hajj and release the Ihraam. Thereafter perform Hajj the same year without leaving the Meeqaat.
  • IFRAAD: To perform Hajj only, during the days of Hajj.

According to the Hanafi school of thought Qiraan is considered the best. Thereafter Tamattu' a lastly Ifraad.

Once the intention is made to discharge the obligation of Hajj, it is Farz to study the Masaa'il of Hajj (preferably under the guidance of an Aalim).

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Hajj & Umrah

Utilisation of Sacrificial Animals. Perform your Qurbani Ritual through us.

Hajj & Umrah

Hajj El-Badal

Hajj El-Badal means getting hajj performed on ones own behalf and expense by another person provided that pilgrim is incumbent and cannot perform hajj due to illness or some other disability.

He Who Dies Without Performing Obligatory Hajj

Hajj on Behalf of others (HAJJ EL-BADAL)

Hajj El-Badal includes:

Hajj Permission • Bank Draft • Accommodation in Makkah • Mina, Arafat, Muzdalifah • Transportation • Food • Qurbani

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The 5 days of Hajj (in brief)

1st day: 8th Zul Hijjah, Yaum-ut-Tarwiyah

After putting on their Ihraams for Hajj, the Hajjees proceed to MlNA after sunrise and perform 5 Salaahs there, i.e. Zohar, Asr, Maghrib, Esha and Fajr of the next day (9 Zil Hijjah).

2nd day: 9th Zul Hijjah, Yaum-ul-Arafah

After sunrise the Hajjees proceed to ARAFAAT and make WUQOOF after ZAWAAL. Zohar and Asr Salaah will be performed here. Here they remain engaged in Du'aa, Zikr, Tilaawat, etc. until sunset. Immediately after sunset they proceed to Muzdalifah. Here they will perform Maghrib and Esha at the time of Esha. The night will be spent at Muzdalifah.

3rd day: 10th Zul Hijjah, Yaum-un-Nahr

After performing Fajr Salaah at Muzdalifah, the Hajjees proceed to Mina before sunrise. On this day four important rites have to be performed.

  • 1. RAMEE of Jamaratul Aqabah (stoning the big Shaytaan).
  • 2. ZABH (to sacrifice an animal).
  • 3. HALQ or Qasr (shaving or trimming the hair of the head).
  • 4. To perform TAWAAFUZ ZIYAARAH.

4th day: 11th Zul Hijjah

All three SHAYTAANS have to be pelted on this day and the night will be spent at MINA. RAAMEE, i.e. pelting time begins after ZAWAAL and ends before SUNSET.

5th day: 12th Zul Hijjah

Make Ramee, i.e. pelt all three Shaytaans after Zawaal. The Hajjees may now proceed to MAKKAH MU'AZZAM. Those who wish to remain in Mina on the l3th Zul Hijjah should pelt the 3 Shaytaans before proceeding to Makkah Mukarramah. The pelting on this day is permissible throughout the day (including the period before Zawaal).

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